40 Acres - 4 attractions one location - Lots of scares, live entertainment, food and more!

BREAKING NEWS: A small rural city just outside of Louisville, Kentucky has been under a military enforced quarantine after a devastating new disease spread through the entire town threatening all of its residents. This disease is considered deadly, highly contagious, and there is currently no known cure. Neighboring residents, friends, and family are urged to remain patient, stay close to home, and wait for further instructions and updates on the situation...

More than just a quiet stroll through the woods... Be prepared to face your darkest fears on this hellish mile long trek through frightful indoor and outdoor displays of terror. Venture through the Mortuary, Hillbilly Hell and Halloween Town, survive the Maze, crawl through the Claustrophobia Tunnel, and slide to your ultimate doom! Make sure you bring your running shoes because Chainsaw Pete has no mercy for the weak, and the Butcher is in need of fresh meat!

Think you can stop an invasion of killer zombie aliens? Well we\'ve got a job for you! Get your adrenaline pumping in the brand new, fully interactive first-person shooting experience Xterminate: Zalien Attack! Navigate the winding hallways of our 9,000 square foot arena of doom on your mission to kill all zombie aliens, shut down power to the zalien stronghold, and take out the all powerful queen. Based on the movie \"Overtime\" and featuring celebrity appearances by TNA Professional Wrestler Al Snow.

Monsters Wanted